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How to Start and Grow Your Business with Internet Marketing

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Anyone who is starting an online business with a modest budget can relate to the challenge of promoting their website and product through the best channels. But don’t let this minor setback affect your business drive. There are lots of effective ways of drawing traffic to a certain website that can come either cheaply or for free.

Below are internet marketing methods on how a newbie in the internet like you be able to start and grow an online business on any budget:

Content Writing

Get into the habit of posting fresh content and blogs on your website. After each time an article has been finished and posted, use social marketing sites like Facebook to share it or tweet about it on Twitter. In writing content for your website see to it that some keyword phrases or keywords that would appeal to your prospected market are included.

The next thing to do is rewrite the articles you have posted on your website. Post it again in the leading article directories such as ArticleCity, IdeaMarketers, and EzineArticles. At the foot of your articles you can add a “blurb” about your business and also include links to your site after you have posted your article on an article directory of your choice. After that you can yet again share it when it is published to social marketing sites.

Traffic Exchanges

The use of traffic exchanges is a great way of directing traffic to your site.  A traffic exchange is a kind on website that provides services for webmasters in exchange for traffic. This is ideal for small and starting online business marketers or owners who want to use exchange programs for making low budget campaign advertisements or even free advertising.

The trick here is to use traffic exchanges the right way and it will be very effective. Create a “splash page” to catch a couple of seconds of the traffic exchange surfers’ attention which only goes around 6-10 seconds.  One thing that will not work on traffic exchanges are full blown sales pages. They take too long to read while a splash page is simpler and shorter and just makes use of a few bold words that induce curiosity and interest. A link is also included that points to your main page or a short form. There they can enter their email address, subscribe, and acquire more information about your business.

Create Your List

It is important to get first time visitors to your website. Success in internet marketing however lies in your ability to make fist time visitors into returning regular visitors, turn them into customers, and ultimately into regular customers.

To offer incentives or giving away is an effective strategy to entice them to join your mailing list. Build your own mailing list if you don’t have one immediately.  Upon doing so you will need PalmettoLive. Some free options may be available but you would not mind paying to get the best one considering the importance of website solutions provider like PalmettoLive to your success.

The ability to create forms to put in your website and to capture names and email addresses of visitors to your site are all provided. Now you can start to contact them via a series of pre loaded emails or regular broadcasts. Here you can start to build a healthy business relationship with your subscribers.

The two effective ways of generating traffic to your website and the surefire way to convert that traffic into a solid client base have been discussed above. Further research about traffic exchanges, list building and content marketing alongside a good quality website solutions provider will be of great help to you to achieve online business success.

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