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Strategies for Social Media

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Strategies for Social Media
Social Media Strategy can be and should be a major tool in your business marketing plan.  SMM or Social Media Marketing, allows you to to connect with the people who are already interested in what you are doing and want to see what you have to say next.

By utilizing media outlets that are already available, you quickly create a personal connection between you and your following.  The trick is to consistently manage multiple popular outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, etc.) by using social media marketing campaigns to create and manage your business brand.

Say you already have a Facebook, Twitter or other social account but you haven’t really used it yet or know it potential for your business.  What’s next?  With knowledge of social media and as a responsible business owner, it is your duty to spend some time understanding the social media tools platforms are already in place and how to successfully use them to your benefit.  With the right content and persistence, you can develop a following in each outlet and when you need to reach out to everyone regarding a product release or service update, simply post the message within each online community.

Tips for Social Media Strategy

  • Social Media Tools are viral.  People love to share an exciting new video to their friend within YouTube, share with friends in Facebook or ‘tweet’ it on Twitter.  Keep your posts within the various social media channels exciting to grow your audience.
  • Maintain your relationship with your clients.  Keep them updated but don’t overdue it.  Relevant posts regarding your business are keep to keeping people coming back for more.   If you go off topic a lot or post too often, you will loose footing with your clients the impact of future posts.
  • By sticking your thought out social media strategy with proper flow for execution you can avoid more damages.

Things to Consider for your Social Media Campaign

  • Before you begin creating accounts in every social site you can find, ask yourself why you need to connect to my customers.  Create as many answers as possible and use them to begin identify the best social channels for your business.  For instance, if your business is selling independent films, fire up a YouTube account and begin posting trailers. A successful social media strategy starts with writing down as many points of why you should use social media to reach out to new and existing customers.
  • Identify what target market is searching for in your type of business.  This is a technique that is used in any business marketing strategy and should become second nature when making posts or tweets in your SMM campaign.  Develop valuable products and services and your business will prosper.  Social media accounts are free.  The information you can gain from them in priceless.
  • Look for ways to use social media to improve your current products and services.  People want to be heard and generally have no problem reviewing something they purchased if the chance is directly in front of them.
  • Engage with customers.  Look for their reviews and consider what your business doing that works and what needs improvement.  Let them know that they are being heard and that you value their opinion.  This will help your business in more ways then one.  While you continue to grow your following, you are getting direct feedback on how to be better.
  • Use social media to review your own products and services.  Other people will read it and be more including to try them or even post their own review.
  • Create a way to quantify the effect social media has your business.  Look for ways to relate your social media campaign to your business.  This comes back to the original point of why you begin using SMM in the first place.  Maybe it is to increase traffic to your site.  Did you see an increase is leads?

Social media is the driving force in many businesses while it’s simply a branding tool for others.  It’s up to you to decide how it will impact your business and maximize your resources spent on each campaign.  The best part of social media tools are that account setups are generally free.  Many businesses use push out the management and progress tracking to a social media specialists.

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