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Website Design for Business

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Website Design for Business
A business’s website is like their online store front.  It is the center point for their online marketing efforts as all advertisement paths lead back to the domain name.  The website has the power to be seen around the world by potential customers.  How will you capitalize on this chance to make a good impression?  How will you use this reach to eclipse your competition?

To bring in the traffic and keep it coming back, the website must be designed so that people can navigate through the website easily and find the information you intend them to see.  There must be unique, useful content and functionality to keep them coming back for more.

Website design plays a huge role is search engine optimization.  Your website design should include ways for search engines to see your website and the important pages.  Optimizing a website starts with a lot of research.  You have to learn what your target audience is searching for, what your competition is doing and how good they are at it so you can learn to beat them.

Many people think that they know the keywords people search with but one never really know until after conducting thorough research.  You may learn that there are one or two keywords that you never thought of that allow you to immediately start bringing in organic traffic to your website and converting visitors into customers.  Once you have the keywords in mind for your site, the words must be integrated into the website design appropriately for search engines like Google and Bing to see.  Content is key!  Informative, unique text content should be placed on your optimized website pages and made viewable for visitors and search engines.  The more solid content your website has about a particular topic, the more authority or juice your website will receive.   Stay away from placing your content inside of PDFs, pictures, videos or Flash.  Google can’t read lips…  yet.

A website’s reach across the internet can be increased with useful information. Visitors will return, people will be inclined to link to your site and search engines will respect you.  This content can be the center point for your internet marketing campaign.  As the content builds, your identity builds, and you can slowly start to stand out in front of the competition without paying a fortune up front.  If used properly, this growing wealth of information on your website will be a major asset.

There are thousands of self-proclaimed web designers looking to launch websites.  Many are highly capable of making something flashy or fun to look at but not all understand the importance of how to design a site that is tailored for the target audience or how to direct the target audience when they land on your homepage.  The call to action on your website pages and the information delivery is just as important as the website’s ability to rank well in search engines for useful keywords.

Not everyone has a solid understanding of web design.   If this is you and you see the enormous value the internet has to deliver to your business’s brand and marketing, find someone who is capable.  This person or firm should not only be capable of designing a catchy website but a website that is designed for the company.  They need to be able to take the time to explain why they think it’s important to have a particular functionality within the website, why content is placed where it is and why it will succeed in completing the objectives you have for your business’s website.  At Palmetto Live, we strive to insure that every aspect of the site meets your objectives and we use our experience to advise on how to best complete your business’s website objectives with respect to website design and search engine optimization.


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