Logo Design Process

You First!

1.Complete the Contact Form Below

Give us as much contact information as possible as we will need to keep in touch with you via email and phone if necessary.

2. Make your payment You may use Paypal to complete this process online or you may mail your check to

Palmetto Live
22 Ronald Ln.
Charleston, SC 29412.

3. Complete the Design Requirements Form

Please spend a few minutes in providing as much information as you like regarding the description of your desired logo.

Now It’s Our Turn!

1. Design Requirements Review

First we Review Your Design Requirements and then determine the most appropriate graphic designer. We base the our decision on who processes the most expertise with respect to your design requirements, style and industry.

2. Return Concepts for Approval

Within three business days we will email you a number of concept designs based on your package selection. We hope that one of these designs in particular will rise above the rest and you will give us the go ahead to move forward. If none of the designs catch your eye at this first stage, we are happy to discuss further. This is common and we are used to being given further guidance on a particular piece or having to scrap all work and start over. It is up to us to establish the design flair to meet your business or market’s need. We hope that by working together we can create the perfect logo design for your business.

3. Logo Delivery

We will deliver the approved logo in every format possible file format to cover any use you may have. Please let us know if you require a format that is different than what we normally provide.

4. Logo Design Backup

Palmetto Live will store your logo on our servers in the event that you loose your copy based on the Logo Package your purchase. Simply complete the Logo Recovery Contact Form and we will reply back with the original logo design deliverable.

Logo Design Contact Form